SonicHandy Your Androids will be delighted. Lightweight software to manage your Androids from the PC in realtime, backup or transfer messages, calls and contact data, and make you more productive.
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Features that make SonicHandy great.

Powerful and versatile
Manage Android™ phones and phablets, but also Sony Ericsson and some other featurephones. Easily transfer valuable personal correspondence and contacts from your old phone to the new one, or do a PC backup. Manage all your phones with one program, at the same time.
SonicHandy will discretely and patiently wait in the status area ready for your command, and ready to inform you of any call or message events on your phone.
Time saver
Stay focused on your work, don't jump for every text received. Just press Ctrl+Shift+S or click the icon to view and reply the obtrusive message in a second, without pulling the phone out of your pocket or going across the room for it. You can view and send messages even in the middle of a call.
Just press Ctrl-Shift-S or click the icon to view and answer the obtrusive message in a second.
Data safeguard
Program is designed for maximum security and integrity of your data, from the first moment onwards. Unintentional deletion or alteration of your valuable data is next to impossible. Special care is taken to prevent data loss in case of any unexpected hardware or other failures, for example power outages.
You get informed of any incoming calls with a pop-up window. Easily answer or decline a call, or simply turn off the ringer sound.
Connect over USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or the Internet. When it is connected to the Internet, you can manage your phone from a distant place. Connection is encrypted and password protected, for maximum security of your private data.
The program is designed for maximum security and integrity of your data, from the first moment onwards. It archives all the data - messages, contacts, calls, etc. - to XML files within your personal archive folder.
Program is fast and responsive, and has a small memory footprint. It consumes little system resources, so it can stay in the status area waiting for an action without being noticed. It has intuitive user interface and numerous shortcut keys, so you can control it lightning-fast.

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