SonicHandy features
Free Licensed
Remove signature from sent messages No Yes
Commercial usage No Yes
Androidâ„¢ support Yes Yes
Connect over Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, Mobile data... Yes Yes
Easy data transfer between devices Yes Yes
Export/Import device data to/from a file Yes Yes
Send, Read, Delete and Backup messages Yes Yes
Send messages while talking to the phone Yes Yes
EMS enhanced messaging Yes Yes
Contacts management Yes Yes
Call log management Yes Yes
Get contact picture from Facebook Yes Yes
Contact picture w/ preview, details, and usage statistics Yes Yes
Photo call Yes Yes
Phone health status indicators Yes Yes
Ringer and vibration control Yes Yes
Clock sync Yes Yes
Change program visual theme Yes Yes
Local or Portable application mode Yes Yes
Lifetime license Yes Yes
Note: There is a hard-coded limit of max 100 devices for practical reasons. If you ever need more than this, please contact us.

To use the licensed features (see table), you must purchase a valid license key. The license key can be purchased by clicking a Buy button on this website, or within the application.

  • Easy licensing

    After the purchase, you'll be presented with a personalized download link. Click on the link to launch a Digital River Download Manager which will automatically download required SonicHANDY installer for you. Run it and install SonicHANDY over any previous installation. Your configuration and settings will be preserved, even if installing over a previous version.

    After you launch SonicHANDY the license key will be automatically injected into the program, and it will convert to the licensed version the very same moment. This is the most simple way to license SonicHANDY. There is no need for you to handle license keys or other codes in any way.

Discounts are available for your effort to support SonicHANDY, as follows:
  • -20 % if you become our fan on Facebook - please write on the Wall, then contact us and tell us your Facebook name and e-mail address
  • -25 % if you send us a Device Report for your mobile phone - please include your e-mail address with the Report, or contact us and tell us your phone model and when did you send the Report
  • -50 % if you make a Theme for SonicHANDY
Before you can claim your discount, please wait until we contact you via e-mail and send you a coupon code for the appropriate discount. You can then use this coupon code to order any number of licenses.

And please remember: Great amount of time, effort and resources were incorporated into making SonicHANDY as good as possible. By purchasing our product you support it's future development and encourage us to improve our software to better meet your needs.

Thank you Flower

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