SonicHandy is ideal for you if…

  • You spend time on your PC working, surfing, or playing
  • You own more than one mobile phone
  • You want to manage all your phones from one place (your PC)
  • You want to text with ease, avoiding inconvenient touchscreen keyboards
  • You want to backup your messages, contacts and calls
  • You want to be able to send and read messages during phone call

Because you can easily…

  • Stay focused on your work, uninterrupted
  • Work with several phones at the same time
  • Connect your phones all together over Wi-Fi, Internet, Bluetooth…
  • Send and read SMS messages comfortably from the PC
  • Backup your messages and contacts to PC-based archive
  • Send and read messages during phone call
Favorite messages

Valuable messages

Your phone's memory is filled with old messages you don't want to delete because they are special to you. They represent a valuable memories, everyone has them. Well, you don't need to loose them to free up the memory. Backup your messages with SonicHandy and rest assured you can access them any time you want to.
Sloppy contacts

Sloppy contacts

Over the time you collected quite a remarkable number of contacts on your phone, but never really had the time to arrange them. This is causing you troubles and confusion. With SonicHandy you can arrange contacts in no time. It will also remember the date when the contact was added, so no more "phantom" contacts. You can assign each contact their Facebook profile image which will be downloaded from Facebook servers automatically.
At work

At work

Don't interrupt your activity or waste your valuable time grabbing the phone every time you receive a message or an unimportant call. SonicHandy is remarkable in noting you of anything what happens in your phone, right there on the big screen you are currently looking at. Let it do its job and stay alert for you, while you focus on your job uninterrupted.

In a library

Sitting on a lecture or in a library with the computer, your phone is set to silent. Get notified on the computer screen of any incoming call or a message, instead of reaching the pocket every time you think it vibrated. You can also easily turn the vibration off now.


Want to send a link or include a text from a document in a message for your friend, colleague, or a customer? Do not type it endlessly on a tiny mobile keypad, simply do a Copy/Paste into SonicHandy and send it right away.

Forgotten phone

You are at work, but forgot the phone at home. With the proper setup of your home network and the phone present on it, SonicHandy can connect with the phone over the Internet. Within a moments, you are able to check your messages and see incoming calls. Or you can login with remote desktop to your home computer and launch SonicHandy remotely to connect with the phone. Possibilities are endless.


Contact preview panel with picture preview
Send a message dialog with message preview
Android companion app
Android companion app
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SonicHandy works with every Android v2.1+ smartphone, and almost all Sony Ericsson feature phones. It is designed for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP/SP2 operating systems.
Windows Android Sony Ericsson
SonicHandy features
Free Licensed
Remove signature from sent messages No Yes
Commercial usage No Yes
Android™ support Yes Yes
Connect over Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, Mobile data... Yes Yes
Easy data transfer between devices Yes Yes
Export/Import device data to/from a file Yes Yes
Send, Read, Delete and Backup messages Yes Yes
Send messages while talking to the phone Yes Yes
EMS enhanced messaging Yes Yes
Contacts management Yes Yes
Call log management Yes Yes
Get contact picture from Facebook Yes Yes
Contact picture w/ preview, details, and usage statistics Yes Yes
Photo call Yes Yes
Phone health status indicators Yes Yes
Ringer and vibration control Yes Yes
Clock sync Yes Yes
Change program visual theme Yes Yes
Local or Portable application mode Yes Yes
Lifetime license Yes Yes
Note: There is a hard-coded limit of max 100 devices for practical reasons. If you ever need more than this, please contact us.
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