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Adding devices

Add New Device Wizard

Use the Add New Device Wizard option from the Tools menu, and follow the on-screen instructions to add your device to the programs' device tree, so you can start using it.


To quickly find all available devices on the system, leave fields on the second screen intact and press 'Next'.

Depending on the number of ports and devices, in rare cases the scanning process can take a few minutes, or can end with no devices found. Try to uncheck the 'Quick scan' field to perform more exhaustive search.

If you know the port your device is connected to, you can tell SonicHANDY to query only the given port. This shortens the scanning time.

Press 'Next' on second Wizard screen to begin the scanning process.


After the scanning process completes, a list will display available devices which are found compatible with SonicHANDY. Percent of compatibility is presented for each device. If the percent is less than 100%, detailed description of unsupported features can be obtained by selecting particular device from the list.

Make your selection from the list and press 'Next' to add selected devices to programs' device tree so you can start using them.

If the list is empty, no compatible devices were found on the system. Check the non compatible devices list by pressing 'Non-compatible' button (if available), or go to the Troubleshooting section if not a single device was found.

Note: If a device you are trying to add is already present on the device tree, program will only update it's port (if changed), and will make no further modifications to it's configuration.

Non compatible devices

If non compatible devices were found, the button 'Non-compatible' will be enabled. Press this button to get a list of devices SonicHANDY did found, but cannot use because of some incompatibility issues. Reason for rejecting particular device is displayed beside each device.

Device Report

You can Generate Device Report for any device listed - it is a special XML device data report which can be sent over to our servers. A table of devices and features they support (or don't support) is automatically compiled on the web out of these reports. You are encouraged to generate a Device Report for your device, and submit it to us. This will help diagnose and solve issues regarding your device and devices similar to yours (if possible). It will also help future users of SonicHANDY to better understand what to expect from their mobile phone.

Please note that no personal information of any kind is collected in this reports.


If your device is not on either list after the search, please try the following:

  1. Ensure your device is turned on and working
  2. Ensure your device is connected to the PC:
    • If connecting over the air, ensure the wireless reception is enabled on both the device and the PC (bluetooth, infrared etc.)
    • If connecting over the cable, ensure one end of the cable is plugged into the device, and the other end is plugged into the PC
  3. Ensure a COM port is assigned to your device while connected to the PC
  4. Ensure the COM port of your device is not used by another application at the same time
  5. Uncheck the Quick scan option and/or check the Detailed scan option and try again
If your device is still not shown on the list after another scan, chances are that it is intrinsically incompatible with SonicHANDY. Please refer to the FAQ for some more topics on this matter, or contact our support.

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