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Archive is a place where a history of all your messages, contacts and calls saved with SonicHANDY can be found.

Physically, it is a folder on your disk where archive files are located. Archive file is an XML-formatted file which contains all data archived for a particular month - another file is automatically created each month. Although an archive file can be edited by almost any text editor, it is strongly advised not to do so.

For a user, Archive is presented as an item in program's device tree under which you can find all your archived data sorted chronologically, or filtered by type. Data can also be filtered to a shorter time period by selecting one of the archive sub-items, eg. 'Last month'.

Archive can also be searched with a powerful search feature. You enter a search phrase into the field provided on the Search Panel. Items returned are the ones which contain all the words from the search phrase. Also, search is always performed case-insensitive.

When showing history for a particular contact (by using the equally named menu command), Archive will filter only the phone number of a contact in question. It is recommended to have the country code phone number information for a given device entered. That way program can automatically filter by the most general format of a contact's phone number, not needing to differentiate between the international and local phone number format.

When using 'Show this conversation' menu command, program will automatically filter history for a given contact for that day (by using date of a message in question).

Because over the time Archive can grow quite large, and perhaps data from the Archive is not accessed so often, you have the option to unload the Archive from the memory. This way you free some amount of system (RAM) memory, thus giving the application a smaller memory footprint. There is also an option not to load the Archive to memory on application startup. Archive can always be manualy loaded from the disk when needed.

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