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Contact properties dialog

Phonebook contact edit dialog

Name Enter a name for a contact. Depending on a storage, this field can be limited to a certain amount of characters. If a type flag is assigned to the contact, this limitation is further decreased by 2.

Number Enter the phone number for a contact. Start with plus sign '+' followed by a country code for international phone number format.

Note: Name and Number fields are limited to a certain number of characters, depending which storage is selected. For example, a SIM-card storage (SM) can contain a contact name of maximum 16 characters long, including a possible number type flag.

Type flag Type flag determines a type of phone number assigned to the contact. This can be None, Home, Work, Mobile, Fax or Other. If set, type flag occupies additional 2 characters in the end of a contact name. For example, if a contact is assigned type flag 'Mobile', the contact name will end with '/M'; for 'Home' it will be '/H' etc.

Storage Storage determines a memory to which a contact will be saved. Common memories include: SM for SIM-card memory, ME for mobile phone memory, FD for fast dial memory, etc. Note: This field is available only when editing phonebook contact, not a local contact.

Picture You can assign a picture to a contact. Press the 'Picture' button to browse for a picture. Press the 'Clear' button to unassign a picture from a contact and revert to the default picture. Profile picture from contact's Facebook page can also be automatically downloaded and assigned.

Facebook ID Facebook ID of a contact, if applicable. It can be either a number ID or a username ID. Press 'Find' to automatically find the required ID, based on contact Name. If the ID cannot be found automatically, a window showing all your Facebook friends will be displayed, so you can easily select matching friend. This information is not saved to phone memory, instead it is local, ie. for SonicHANDY usage only.

Address ... Comment Additional information about the contact. This information is not saved to phone memory, instead it is local, ie. for SonicHANDY usage only.

Make international / Make pretty

You can automatically convert your contacts to a more appealling look by selecting Make international or Make pretty commands. Make international command will convert a contact's local (non-international) phone number to the international format by using a phone number information you entered for this device. Make pretty command will convert contact name so only first letters of name or surname are capitalised.

Sms Poke

You can poke a contact by selecting a Poke! command. A one SMS per contact will be sent, informing them of your poke. If you select multiple contacts to poke, you will be prompted to continue; if you select just one contact, a poke will be sent right away.

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