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Device properties dialog

Device properties dialog


You can change the name of your device, and assign a picture to it. Choose any picture from your computer, it will automatically be resized on the fly when displayed. Original picture file will not be modifyed.

Connection section lets you modify connection parameters for a device, like port and port speed. You can also choose whether this device shall connect automatically, only at startup, or manually (on demand). For a device to connect only at program startup, set the 'Auto connect' tri-state check box to undetermined state (not checked, nor empty).

On Connect

These are options which control program behaviour when particular device connects with SonicHANDY.

Messages determines which (if any) messages will be automatically loaded from the device when it connects.

  • Load All will load all messages from both Inbox, Sent and Drafts folder. (default)
  • Load Inbox will load all Inbox messages (including new, if any), but will not load any Sent or Drafts messages.
  • Load Inbox (new) will load only new messages from Inbox, if available.
  • Don't load will not load any messages from the device when it connects.

Phonebook tells SonicHANDY how to load phonebook when device connects.

  • Load from cache will try to load cached phonebook from the disk. If a cached phonebook does not exist, it will be loaded from the device instead. Cached phonebook is updated (synced with the device) when Auto-update phonebook option is turned on, or when phonebook is reloaded (refreshed) from the device.
  • Load from device will always load the phonebook from the device, and won't use the cache. If you have lots of contacts in your phonebook, this can be a lenghty process.
  • Don't load will not load the phonebook at all.

Ringer You can choose to turn off (mute) or turn on device's ringer tone automatically when it connects. Ringer will be brought to the original state when you choose to disconnect the device.

Vibration You can choose to turn off or on device's vibration automatically when it connects. Vibration will be brought to the original state when you choose to disconnect the device.

Clock You can choose to synchronize device's clock with the PC every time it connects. Possible device clock offset setting will be obeyed.

Sent folder You can choose to Save to Archive and delete (cleanup) Sent folder messages when this device connects. Because Sent folder messages do not contain proper timestamp (protocol limitation), this ensures they get at least archiving timestamp as accurate as possible.


Auto load new messages instructs SonicHANDY to load new messages from the device automatically. Otherwise you will have to manually load new messages when they arrive.

Archive sent messages determines mode for archiving messages sent with SonicHANDY using this device. You can tell the program to archive every sent message without question, to prompt you whether you want to archive it, or not to archive sent messages at all.

Store sent messages to device determines whether SonicHANDY should store sent messages to devices' memory. You can tell SonicHANDY to store every sent message without question, to prompt you whether you want to store it, or not to store sent messages to device at all.

Default SMS type determines default SMS encoding type for messaging. Choose 'Automatic' to let SonicHANDY determine appropriate encoding type based on your message. Choose 'Last used' if you want your choice of SMS type to be preserved across sessions.

Enable long messages You can choose whether individual SMS messages should be joined, or processed separately. If turned off and you send a long message, the recipient will see it as a series of individual SMS messages instead of one long message consisting of concatenated individual SMS messages.

Auto SMS memory cleanup will keep your free SMS memory level constant by archiving and deleting old messages. Messages will automatically be archived and deleted from both Inbox and Sent folders to keep free memory level above the specified percentage. Older and sent messages are processed first. Unread and unsent messages won't be processed. If a message scheduled for cleanup can't be archived because of some error, it won't be deleted. Only successfully archived messages are due for deletion.

Cleanup Inbox and Sent folders proportionally cleans up Inbox and Sent folders in equal ratios, otherwise Sent folder is always cleaned first.

Also cleanup Inbox messages older than Regardless of the percentage set above, Inbox messages that are older than the given number of days will be cleaned up if this option is turned on.


Auto-cleanup Sent folder You can choose to automatically Archive&Delete Sent folder messages whenever new Sent message is detected on the device. Because Sent folder messages do not contain proper timestamp (protocol limitation), this ensures they get at least archiving timestamp as accurate as possible.

Auto-archive calls directs SonicHANDY to automatically archive all received calls. If turned off, no calls will be archived for this device.

Verbose data saving mode enables verbose data to be saved to your data files. Verbose data is considered redundant, so this option is disabled by default to keep your files smaller and somewhat harder to abuse.

Auto-update phonebook directs SonicHANDY to keep the loaded phonebook (live phonebook) synced with the phonebook on the device (current phonebook). Auto-update will track differences between live and current phonebook in the background and update live phonebook when necessary, without the need for refreshing the entire phonebook at once. Useful if you frequently alter phonebook contacts outside of SonicHANDY (eg. on the device). This way you are guaranteed to have phonebooks synced almost all the time.

Auto-add entries to Contacts directs SonicHANDY to save all new contacts read from the device to programs' local (offline) Contacts. This option is available only when similar but stronger setting in Program Options is disabled.

Device password sets, changes or clears the device connect password. To clear previously set password, press this button and enter the current password. When asked for a new password, just press OK with blank input field and password will be cleared.

Apply to all devices applies settings for this particular device (excluding port, port speed and password) to all physical devices present on the device tree.

Phone number

Here you can enter the phone number of your device, in the international number format. This number (more specifically the country code) is used to correctly convert local phone numbers in your phonebook to international format.

Device info panel

Device info panel

Device info panel screen is shown when you select a particular device from the device tree. Various indicators on the Health Monitor panel tab indicate battery power, signal quality, available SMS memory, clock synchronization, etc.

Intelligent Overall health indicator shows overall health state of your device, derived from the other indicators by complex mathematical formulae.

Extra informations about the device, like the port it is connected to, communication encoding etc., are displayed on the Information tab. Compatibility tab shows graphically the capabilities of your phone that are compatible with SonicHANDY, and indicates a percent of compatibility.

Device info and status is updated periodically every 20 seconds; more if Power Saving mode is enabled and the user is idle. Click the Refresh button if you wish to update this data immediately.

A red notice beside the device picture stating that there were unviewed messages or calls present before the device went offline, accompanied with a 'Reset status' button is displayed every time a particular device goes offline when there were unread messages or unviewed calls present. The notice won't go away unless you press the Reset status button. This safety notice is useful to make sure you don't miss any message nor a call.

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