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Device tree

Device tree is the area of the main application window where all your available devices are listed. There are also separate items for Contacts as well as the Archive. You navigate through program's features by clicking items in the Device tree, which leads you to different main window layouts.

Devices are added to device tree by using Add New Device Wizard. A device can be used with SonicHANDY only after it has been added to the Device tree. Device tree is seldom reffered to as a "Main menu".

You can rearrange device tree items to your preference by dragging them around. To drag the items, device tree must not be locked. To lock/unlock the device tree, right-click on it and select 'Lock Device tree' from the popup menu.


All your contacts that are stored locally by SonicHANDY can be found here, ie. local Contacts. They can be used and manipulated regardless of the device you are currently using, and even if no device physical is present.

Contacts from device phonebooks are usually automatically copied to local Contacts, or you can add them manually. Any device you are using with the program can take advantage of local Contacts.


All data archived by SonicHANDY can be found under this item; past messages, calls, or contacts. You can browse the data, or search for particular information by using the search feature.

Much like local Contacts, Archive can also be used offline, regardless of the device connected.


Home, also reffered to as a "Home panel", is a place where every device is presented as a small control panel with concise display of its status and state, and with means to manipulate it.

Search panel

Search panel is used to quickly find the information you are looking for, or to filter out the data you want.

Preview panel

Preview panel is area where a preview of the item you are working with is displayed. This can be message details if you are working with messages, contact details if working with contacts, or call details.

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